A Williams Formula 1 Documentary: How F1 Champions Became Backmarkers

The Williams Formula 1 story is one I’ve worked on for months to explain how major F1 champions fell and where exactly was the turning point. Let’s explore the half century history of Williams F1. A team once synonymous with champions. Subscribe for more F1 Stories:

I have wanted to do this video for years. To thank you for all your support, I wanted to give back to you in a video I poured a lot into. Not just time. My passion, energy, and creativity. The objective is to help people see Williams were at one time the top of the food chain. And their behavior today, while it may seem stubborn, it makes sense when you see what they had to go through to get here, especially Frank Williams.


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CHAPTER 1: Planting The Seed: 1:05
Walter Wolf Fires Frank: 3:55
CHAPTER 2: A Taste Of The Good Life: 5:48
Pitstop & Quiz Time: 6:28
Their First Double: 7:34
Keke Legendary 1982 Season: 9:51
Ear Pleasure: 10:51
CHAPTER 3: Return To Glory: 11:09
The Accident: 11:56
CHAPTER 4: Top Of The Food Chain: 16:52
The Lion Drives The Greatest Racing Car Ever Designed: 17:32
Ayrton’s Becomes Title Favorite: 19:22
The Death Of Senna: 20:21
Onboard Schumacher vs. Hill Controversial Title Decider: 22:04
Guess Who’s Back?? 23:50
Newey’s Reign At Williams Ends: 24:22
The Last Non-European Champion: 26:15
CHAPTER 5: Bride To Bridesmaid: 27:30
The 1997 Concorde Agreements aka The Williams Killer: 28:11
CHAPTER 6: Change In The Tides: 31:03
The Sam Michael Era: 35:10
A Rosberg Returns: 36:00
Change, change… & oh look more change! 38:30
CHAPTER 7: The Final Descent: 40:09
New Lowes: 41:24
My 50 Year Assessment: 41:58
The 3 Points For A Path To Success: 44:09
Constructor Or Bust: 45:53
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Lioness – Kevin Graham: 11:29
Ganymade – Yehezkel: 14:20
We Are Echoes – Stanley Gurvich: 20:30
Can’t Help It – Shtriker Big Bang: 22:56
O Canada – Ian Post: 26:15
Further – Caleb Etheridge: 29:50
The House – Anbr: 32:46
Piazza San Marco – Ziv Moran: 36:06
Choral Predule, F minor – Michele Nobler: 40:09
Bring To Light – Max H: 48:04

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