Installing a PYI PSS Dripless Shaft Seal on a Vintage Sailboat

SEASON 6 / The Haul Out : Episode #131 : Wrestlin’ the PSS Shaft Seal into place

On this episode we enter the MAD DASH phase of the haul out! What we don’t mention in the video is that we were racing the clock to get the prop shaft and PSS installed before 1pm so we could splash before the ENTIRE YARD left for Christmas holiday!!!!! That would have meant Triteia was stuck on the hard until 2020. Very high stress day for me.

And yes we did go with a PSS dripless shaft seal, and before all of the “apocalyptic” comments start coming in about “THOSE WILL SINK YOUR BOAT” Keep in mind that the UNITED STATES COAST GUARD has them on every single one of their boats. That is enough endorsement for me.

Everything went fairly smooth, just hard because of the tight quarters, until we had to press the collar down the 3/4 of an inch to tighten it into place. The Boat Yard told us they have to use hydraulic presses on the pss seals for big boats.

Camille saved the day by squeezing herself over the engine and safely compressing it while I tightened it down!

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