All you need to know about one of the biggest media battles ever

“Until further notice, Comcast is in shaft position. The speed of its counter offer underlines its longing to purchase Sky. It may miss out to Disney for Twenty-First Century Fox yet is determined not to miss out on the responsibility for,” Paolo Pescatore, a free telecom and media expert, told CNBC by means of email.

Pescatore included: “(I’m) expecting another round of offers and that will presumably be it. The offer from Twenty-First Century Fox left the entryway generally open. Gradually shutting now! The ball is presently immovably in Murdoch’s and Disney’s court.”

On June 20, Disney increased its offer for the Fox resources for $71.3 billion — raising the stake of its past offer of $52.4 billion. Fox has since acknowledged the offered.

In the interim, Comcast’s present offer for Fox remains at $65 billion — and sources revealed to CNBC’s David Faber Monday that offer could end up being the last offer Roberts chooses to submit. Rather, Comcast may exclusively center around Britain’s Sky TV.

Examiners say Fox inclines toward Disney to Comcast in light of the fact that it considers Iger’s stock more important and stresses an arrangement with Comcast may unhinge in the midst of administrative obstacles.

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