Comcast fires ‘warning shot’ to Disney over Sky takeover, analyst says

Ian Whittaker, media value specialist at Liberum, told ‘s “Screech Box Europe” on Friday that Comcast’s choice to scrap its quest for Fox could be deciphered as a “notice shot” to Disney — and in addition an affirmation of the U.S. link mammoth’s eagerness to acknowledge a “division of the riches.”

“The primary thing is really to recommend to Disney a division of the riches. So basically, to state you as Disney, you take Fox’s U.S. resources… we as Comcast really take Sky, including the 39 percent stake that Fox at present claims,” Whittaker said.

“The second thing is… It basically sends a notice shot to Disney over Sky. It basically says, ‘We hauled out of the offer for the benefits of the U.S., we in this manner have more capability accessible. On the off chance that you return with a changed offer, we can really go higher too,'” he included.

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