‘Venom’ plots Sony’s path to superhero movie success beyond Spider-Man

The character appeared on the silver screen in Sony’s 2007 “Spider-Man 3,” but the portrayal by Topher Grace left many fans disappointed, said Alisha Grauso, editorial lead at Atom Tickets. Those fans now see the new standalone movie as another opportunity to get the character right, she said.

A survey of Atom Ticket users ranked “Venom” as the most anticipated movie of the fall. Grauso says Tom Hardy is a major draw, in part because he’s already proven himself to comic book fans as the Batman villain Bane in 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Grauso added that “even fans who have reservations about the movie itself are eager to see what Hardy brings to the role.”

Still, questions linger about “Venom.” Reviews are under embargo until Sunday evening, and Robbins thinks critics will play a major part in audience turnout.

October is also a grab-bag of movie releases, and Robbins says it’s difficult to predict how “Venom” will compete for ticket money with Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born” and the latest installment in the “Halloween” horror franchise.

October is usually a sparse month for superhero movies — but that was also the case for February, which is when “Deadpool” and Disney’s “Black Panther” smashed records. If “Venom” succeeds, it could put October on the radar for movie studios looking to test the waters with new properties, said Dergarabedian.

“Studios are definitely thinking outside of the box and not having any constraints on the calendar,” he said. “October could be yet another frontier for superhero movies to conquer.”